Nailing and sealing rules for steep slopes and high wind areas

Did you know that applying a Cambridge Xtreme 9,5° roof requires more than the world first self-adhesive laminated shingle? 

The use of proper nails & accurate nailing techniques are crucial for getting the job done!

When installing laminated shingles you should use corrosion-resistant IKO roofing nails with a length of 30 mm. The nails should be driven straight and flush with the shingle surface. It is important not to break the shingle surface with the nail head.

For high wind areas or on slopes larger than 60° you should use 6 nails per shingle placed as shown on the drawing. You must ensure that the nails are not within 5 cm of a joint of the underlying shingle.

In cold weather conditions each shingle should also be sealed down at the time of application with three 2,5 cm diameter spots of IKO Shingle Stick. These spots should be placed under the shingle 5 cm above the bottom edge and equally spaced along the shingle. The layer of bituminous mastic must be uniform and less than 3 mm thick.

CAUTION: Excessive use of bituminous mastic can cause shingles to blister.

IMPORTANT: When the factory applied self-adhesive part is sufficiently warmed by the heat of direct sunlight, the shingles should seal to the underlying course. Application conditions as cool weather or areas subject to high winds or blowing dust might limit the effectiveness of the adhesive part. If this is the case, you should manual seal as described above, so the ideal shingle adherence can be ensured.

TIP: If you want to learn more about the proper installation of our Cambridge Xtreme 9,5°, please be sure to check our leaflet with application instructions.