Xtreme slope:
Cambridge Xtreme 9,5° can be used on roofs from 9,5° until more than 90°..




Xtreme resistance to high wind & heavy rain:
Cambridge Xtreme 9,5° has been tested and approved under extreme weather conditions. Take a look at the film where we illustrate how well Cambridge Xtreme 9,5° can resist wind speeds of 47km/h and 89mm/h of rain. These conditions occur only once in a 50 year period in Europe.



Xtreme unique:
Cambridge Xtreme 9,5° is the world’s first self-adhesive laminated shingle. Similar to our Cambridge Xpress, Cambridge Xtreme 9,5° also has a nailing lane for more accurate nailing.




Xtreme European quality:
IKO, The Shingles Expert, offers you CE marked roof shingles, manufactured in our European factories.    




Xtreme Platinum guarantee:
IKO Sales International offers you 15 years of full Platinum guarantee & 30 years of total guarantee.